Our history

Me, it's Gauthier. 

​Nature and respect for animals have always been subjects that are close to my heart (I spent my childhood watching Ushuaïa Nature... 🌺). Like many of us, I'm trying to change my habits to reduce my impact on our beautiful planet.

Luckily, my partner is a true ally in this endeavor! One day, with infinite kindness, she prepared a deodorant with her own hands 👐. It was a deodorant “balm” to apply under the arms with the fingers, scented with Palmarosa essential oil. How can I put it... it was quite different from my usual little industrial spray deodorant! It wasn't very convenient to apply, and I didn't really like the smell (but I still thanked her wholeheartedly for this wonderful gift 😅).

After researching alternatives, I realized that most eco-friendly deodorants were similar to the one my partner made. That's when the idea came to me: why not create my own deodorant, one that would meet my needs while minimizing plastic production?

And here I am embarked on this beautiful adventure! My goal is to offer cosmetic products that will inspire you to consume responsibly. 🎉


Nolla's goal is simple: to offer plastic-free alternatives for your bathroom routine 🛁. We firmly believe that every little bit counts to protect our precious planet.

By choosing Nolla products, you are opting for natural cosmetics, plastic-free and pleasant to use 💚. Join us in this great adventure for a greener and more responsible bathroom. Together, we can make a real difference! 🌿

Pssst, did you know that?

Nolla" means "0" in Finnish (a language spoken in Finland 🇫🇮). And our goal is to achieve zero plastic in the bathroom. Moreover, Finland is, for me, a great example of a developed country with limited impact on the environment.