Our charter

At Nolla, we know that everyone has their own definition of what is healthy, ecological and pleasant 🌿. That's why we want to explain our vision, our philosophy and the values ​​that matter most to us.

As a young startup, we are constantly evolving and seeking to improve every day to excel in each of these aspects. Of course, we're not perfect (and will we be one day?), but we do our best to create quality products that preserve your health and that of our planet.


Being healthy for the body is our top priority. We are aware that cosmetic products come into contact with our skin on a daily basis, including the most sensitive areas. This is why we take the time to carefully select the ingredients we use.

Each ingredient goes through a thorough evaluation, where we check ratings from different databases such as INCI Beauty, EWG and Yuka. Our goal is to choose ingredients with the highest possible scores, indicating their safety. We limit, where possible, the use of ingredients that may be classified as "yellow" or "orange" in certain classifications, but this is sometimes done in the interest of safety and performance.


Being environmentally friendly is our second essential pillar. We know that the impact of our products goes far beyond their use. At Nolla, this means paying particular attention to the origin of our ingredients as well as our packaging.


We favor ingredients from natural and renewable resources, in particular plants which are real allies for sustainable cosmetics.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make 100% natural compositions, so we work with our suppliers to find the best ingredients combining both comfort and natural qualities.


On the packaging side, we decided to rethink things. Plastic is very common in the cosmetics industry, and we want to change that. Our deodorant is sold in 100% cardboard packaging, completely free of plastic. We will continue to innovate by offering products that are pleasant to use while having packaging without disposable plastic. (We can consider using reusable plastic, like our good old lunch boxes 🥰).


Finally, at Nolla, comfort and pleasure are values ​​that are close to our hearts. We want our products to be a real delight to use every day. This involves in-depth research and testing to find the right balance between pleasure, health and naturalness 🍾.

Additionally, to enhance the overall experience, we are committed to providing you with an unparalleled sensory experience. To achieve this, we strive to create our perfumes, offering exquisite scents that will make each use a pure moment of happiness! 🌸🌿